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2016 Halloween - 16:40:00 - 2016 Halloween
We are back, and the Halloween light show starts tonight! Come see the updates show with more channels. We will be running from Oct 23 to Oct 31 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Make sure to stop by and say hi on Halloween.
2015 Halloween - 16:48:00 - 2015 Halloween
The 2015 Halloween show is running now. Come by and see the show, this will probably be the last show we ever do in Mesa.
2014 Christmas - 23:49:00 - 2014 Christmas
We just added a new song to our line up, fresh from being sequenced. The song is Faeries (from "The Nutcracker") by Mannheim Steamroller, which has been added to the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday shows. See the Full Schedule for the details.
2014 Christmas - 13:46:00 - 2014 Christmas
Starting tonight, we are launching the 2014 Christmas show. We have a new hopefully permanent location to run the show from. We also upgraded our channels, so we have new channels and new lights this year. Come by and watch the show.
Show Info - 11:35:00 - Show Info
Sadly we won't be doing anything for Halloween this year because we just moved into a new house. Good news is, it should be the last move for a long time. We will update about Christmas if it is going to happen this year, sometime in the next month.

Happy Halloween
2013 Christmas - 23:30:00 - 2013 Christmas
Thanks to everyone that came by to watch the show. 2013 is over and with that ends the light show. Come back and see us again in 2014.
2013 Christmas - 19:24:00 - 2013 Christmas
There are now 3 videos on the 2013 Christmas page of the show, so go check them out.
2013 Christmas - 18:01:00 - 2013 Christmas
We just finished getting everything plugged in and setup for Christmas. We just have a few minor details to finish up and the show is ready to go live tomorrow night.
2012 Light Shows - 15:41:00 - 2012 Light Shows
I finally posted some videos from the 2012 Christmas light show. Check them out on the 2012 Christmas page.
2013 Halloween - 14:15:00 - 2013 Halloween
I have posted three new videos of the 2013 Halloween display. Be sure to check them out!
2013 Halloween - 15:28:00 - 2013 Halloween

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came by to see us on Halloween.  We had a great turn out and got many positive comments on our display.  We will be gearing up for Christmas over the next month, so come back and see us in December.

2013 Halloween - 10:22:00 - 2013 Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Be sure to stop by and see us.  We will be giving out caramel corn this year and we have a few surprises for our guests.  Promise they are not very scary, though some younger children might not like them.  Also there will be one new song in our lineup tonight, its a surprise, so come by and see what it is.  The show starts at 6pm.

2013 Halloween - 21:45:00 - 2013 Halloween

Things are gearing up for Halloween in a few days. We added some more lights to the show over the weekend and got everything ready for Halloween night. Be sure to come by and check us out. We will be giving away bags of Caramel Corn instead of candy this year.  We will attach a tag with the ingredients and where it came from for anyone who wants to know.

Also there will be some videos of the Halloween show posted soon.  I just have to finish post-processing them.  Stay tuned.

2013 Halloween - 20:37:00 - 2013 Halloween
Our 2013 Halloween show is now playing. Come by and see it and enjoy the show. For more information see the Halloween 2013 page.
2012 Light Shows - 13:20:00 - 2012 Light Shows
The light show is official over, and we are putting everything away now. Thanks for visiting us and come back again next year.
2012 Light Shows - 17:31:00 - 2012 Light Shows
Due to the amount of rain we have been getting, we are not going to run the Christmas light show tonight. There is too much water on the ground and it will interfere with the lights. Weather permitting, we should be back up tomorrow.
2012 Light Shows - 21:36:00 - 2012 Light Shows
We now have several new pictures of the 2012 Christmas display. You can see them on the 2012 Christmas page.
2012 Light Shows - 16:46:00 - 2012 Light Shows
After a long wait, multiple obstacles, and lots of hard work, Mesa Holiday Lights is finally doing another Christmas show. We have been unable to put on a Christmas show since 2008, but we are back and will be running through New Years! So stop on by and check us out. Our location can be found in the Contact Us section and check the Show Schedule to find out what we are playing each night.
2012 Light Shows - 22:30:00 - 2012 Light Shows
After a number of setbacks and delays, we are coming back. We don't have any shows running yet, just lights, but hopefully in the next week or two we will be able to get the show running again.
2011 Light Shows - 22:07:00 - 2011 Light Shows
Due to a series of unfortunate events, it is simply not feasible for us to run this year's Christmas show. This is primarily due to some large, unexpected expenses and a lack of time due to some emergencies. This has reluctantly forced us to decide that we won't be putting the show together this year. At best we might get some static lights up, but not sure when yet.
I apologize to anyone who is disappointed by this, but there are none more disappointed than my own children that really enjoy the show.
Hopefully next year will work out better for us.
Happy Holidays from Mesa Holiday Lights
2011 Light Shows - 17:21:00 - 2011 Light Shows
Thanks to everyone that came by and saw our Halloween light show and display. We had a great turn out on Halloween night. There are new pictures and videos available of the display.
We are currently weighing our options to determine if we will do the Christmas light show this year. If you have an interest in that, use the donate button, or send us an email from the Contact Us page and let us know before Thanksgiving.
2011 Light Shows - 13:28:00 - 2011 Light Shows
It's been two years, but we have managed to find a way to do another light show. Come see us at our new location.
If you did come see the show and enjoyed it, please consider making a donation to help us continue making these shows possible.
Show Info - 01:46:00 - Show Info
Due to our housing situation being completely unworkable for a light show there will be nothing this year.
2009 Light Shows - 20:54:00 - 2009 Light Shows

Normally this would be the point in the year when my light show would be starting for the Christmas season. However this year our family does not have a home, and we are separated by several thousand miles this year. Some how we need to raise a few thousand dollars to get into another house and be a family again, preferably before Christmas.

If anyone would like to help out a desperate family in need here is a donation button, any amount will be accepted:

I will create a page with for the people that donate to thank you.  If you would like to be includes, please include a name and optionally a URL in the comments and I will include that info on my thank you page.

Merry Christmas to all.

2009 Light Shows - 00:34:00 - 2009 Light Shows

This is just an update to say that we now no longer have a home.  So, unless something drastic changes, there will be no light shows for Mesa Holiday Lights this year.  Our family has had to split up to survive this, and are staying with friends and family in different states.  Please concider a donation to help us get back together in a house before Christmas.

2009 Light Shows - 17:19:00 - 2009 Light Shows
At the end of this month, we will no longer have a place to live, so there will be no shows this year. I have no idea when we will have a place to live again, since I have been unable to find a new steady source of income.
2009 Light Shows - 11:42:00 - 2009 Light Shows

Due to the economic down turn, the fact that I can barely keep food on my own table, and unexpected increases in my cost of living; I have decided that I will have to cancel this year's light shows.  It takes a many hours of work to put these shows together and I can't even be sure I will have a place to live when the holiday season arrives.

If understand this will be a dissapointment for the people that enjoyed my shows for the last few years, my own children will be dissapointed by it, but I can't put my hobby before the needs of my family.

In case there is any interest in trying to save my shows, here is a way to donate:


2008 Christmas Light Show - 22:12:00 - 2008 Christmas Light Show

After a few minor technical glitches, Mesa Holiday Lights proudly presents the 2008 Christmas light show. We will be running the show every night until the end of the year.  Come on by and watch the show.  Each night we rotate the songs we play so check the Show Schedule to what we will be playing each night.  If you need directions, stop on by the Contact Us page to get a map.  For more information about the light show, visit the 2008 Christmas page.  MP3s of several of the songs used in the show are availible for purchase from Amazon, see the 2008 Christmas page for links.

Happy Holidays!

2008 Christmas Light Show - 14:33:00 - 2008 Christmas Light Show

After a very busy holiday weekend, the Mesa Holiday Lights Christmas 2008 light show is almost ready to begin. We are currently at 98% complete, I have one more build to finish before I will begin the show.

However, I will be running a few of the lights in the mean time on a simple animation, and we have Christmas music playing 24/7 on our radio station. See below for what is currently playing.

2007 Christmas show - 17:48:00 - 2007 Christmas show

I recently suffered a major setback, one of my primary hard drives failed, and I lost a bunch of data.  Fortunately my shows were not lost, but all my videos of the 2007 Christmas display were lost.  Now I need to come up with $1,700 to recover the data, but I don't have any way to do that since my wife lost her job.  If you want to see the videos, and can help, please visit the Contact Us page and click the PayPal donate button. 

Thank you. 

2008 Halloween Show - 15:50:00 - 2008 Halloween Show

I've just about finished putting the finally touches on the lights and the show schedule has now been posted.  If you are in the area and want to see the show, stop by the Contact Us section for directions.  For more info, images, and song info, see the 2008 Halloween Page.

Happy Halloween!

Show Info - 02:41:00 - Show Info

For a few months now, I've been putting together a new project involving animated light shows. I figure it is time to unveil it and get things moving.  Come visit the

Million Christmas LEDs

project where I am attempting to put together a light show with, yeah, 1 million LED lights.  But I need everyone's help to do it, so I'm asking for generous people to sponsor my channels to make it happen.  Mesa Holiday Lights will not be affected by this, I concider this my personal show and it will continue regardless.  However, I needed a way to raise money to buy a new house, and this is my solution.  So come over and check it out at
2008 Halloween Show - 02:37:00 - 2008 Halloween Show
Halloween is coming soon and we are getting ready for a new light show. To celebrate the new house we have new look and feel to the site. The old pages will continue to look the same, but the new pages will be using the new template.
Show Info - 23:57:00 - Show Info
Well, we got moved and are in our new house now. We no longer have to deal with being in a gated community, yeah! Of course, new houses bring new problems, such as power, I'm going to have to do something to get power for my lights because there isn't enough to go around in the house. I also have to redesign the display since we are now in a one-story house with a large front yard.
Show Info - 23:54:00 - Show Info

Things don't always go as planned, looks like we will be moving in just under 2 weeks. Where? We don't know, but our land lord informed us that the house is being foreclosed and will be owned by the bank soon. I did have a 4th of July water show planned, but once I got wind of this, I canceled it, especially since we will probably be close to leaving next weekend.
This of course could not have been more inopportune, and we have just barely enough either rent a new place (not desirable) or buy a house, but with no down payment, assuming we can get the financing. So there might be some disruption to this site due to the move as well.
Stay tuned for more info. 

Show Info - 01:25:00 - Show Info
Sadly, there is nothing going on right now. Real Life is consuming my time right now. I really meant to get the videos from 2007 finished and put up, but I ran out of spare time to work on them.
I have however been working on expanding my show equipment. I will be adding more MR-16 and hopefully more channels. I don't expect much news for a while, but check back this summer.
Show Info - 21:33:00 - Show Info

It has been a great season, and we would like to thank everyone that stopped by and watched our lights. We will not be running the lights any more (except for perhaps a special request). In the mean time we will be finishing the rest of the videos from the Christmas shows and posting them. Once those are done I hope to assemble another DVD of the light shows.
We will hope to see you back next year, we are planing to do a fourth of July event, stay tuned for more info on that. Till then things will be slow around here as we shift our focus away from the Holidays.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Mesa Holiday Lights.

Show Info - 02:12:00 - Show Info
From Mesa Holiday Lights, Merry Christmas everyone. Wishing you and your family the best for Christmas. We are running a experiment tonight, we have added announcements before each show to give the name of the song, come by and tell us what you think.
2007 Christmas show - 12:29:00 - 2007 Christmas show
Over the Weekend and up until Christmas we will be running extended hours. The lights will come on a 5 pm and stay on till 1 am. The shows will be running from 5:20 pm till 11:30 pm. So come on by and see the lights. We will also be running all our songs Christmas Eve and Christmas Night.
2007 Christmas show - 02:23:00 - 2007 Christmas show
Starting the 20th we will be playing a new song. From Home Alone: Setting the Trap. We will be playing it every night left this week. So come by and see the new song!
2007 Christmas show - 11:10:00 - 2007 Christmas show
The first video from the 2007 Christmas display is now online and available. Visit the Christmas 2007 page to watch the video.
2007 Christmas show - 17:08:00 - 2007 Christmas show
Sorry about the inconvenience, but because of the heavy rain we are getting I am canceling tonights show. Hopefully the rain will let up and I won't have to cancel tomorrow's show.
2007 Christmas show - 17:32:00 - 2007 Christmas show
We have about 98% of our lights up and working. Unfortunately I have to wait for UPS to deliver the last lights, so stay tuned for the show to start. In the mean time I will be running a somewhat static display until then.
2007 Christmas show - 11:24:00 - 2007 Christmas show
I just confirmed that the last pieces will be here on Monday the 26th. So the show will be starting Tuesday the 27th. See the Show Schedule for full details and lineups.  Also the Christmas Show page is now available.
2007 Christmas show - 21:46:00 - 2007 Christmas show
Ok, the problems have been resolved. Depending on how soon the parts arrive, will dictate when the show starts, so it could be as late as Monday the 26th.
Show Info - 11:05:00 - Show Info
DVDs of the Halloween show will be available soon. The discs will contain videos of all the sequences used in the show.  Features of the disk:
  • Animated menus
  • 9 different sequences from the show
  • 2 slideshows of the show, daytime and night time.
  • All videos are mastered with the original sound file used for the show.
  • Bonus content on disk
If you are interested in a copy, I am asking for a $10 donation to the light show to help expand the show and cover the cost of producing the disk.
To order, visit the Contact Us Page and either send me an e-mail with your Name and Address and I will send you instructions to mail a check, or you can click the PayPal Donation button and put your Name and Address in the comments.
2007 Christmas show - 13:12:00 - 2007 Christmas show
At this point the Christmas light show is going to be delayed indefinitely until certain financial problems can be resolved. I am unable to get the parts I need to finish the show properly. Sorry for the delay, but it is for the best right now.
Show Info - 01:40:00 - Show Info
We have new videos of four of the songs for the Halloween show now up and available on the Halloween page!
Show Info - 11:37:00 - Show Info
Thank you to everyone that came by on Halloween. We had a great turn-out and appreciate all the positive comments we got. I'd also like to thank my mother for handing out the candy for most of the evening.
If you missed the show, then plan to come by at the end of the month for our Christmas show. As soon as I have the time I will finish and start posting videos of our other songs, for now you can see the Harry Potter song Lumos! here
We will be gearing up for Christmas over the next few weeks (as soon as Halloween is put away). So stay tuned for more info.
Show Info - 11:51:00 - Show Info
Halloween is tomorrow, come by and see the expanded show. We will be adding 3 more songs to the lineup, tomorrow only. Come on by, and say hi, then stay and enjoy the show. For the trick-or-treaters, we will have a radio on the porch so they can enjoy the show too.
Show Info - 21:04:00 - Show Info

We got everything up and running and the show is live. Come over and see the lights.

Show Info - 12:10:00 - Show Info
Today we put up the Halloween Lights. If everything goes according to plan, the show starts tonight. The Mesa Holiday Lights Radio is now on-line and running. See the bottom of the page.
Show Info - 13:41:00 - Show Info
The last of the sequences are ready to roll!
We start the show this Saturday the 20th!
See our show schedule that is available now for times and details.
Show Info - 02:56:00 - Show Info
With just under a week now till the lights on, we have been putting the final touches on everything. There was a little setback with one of our cats chewing a wire through, but that is resolved now. Even put together a box to hold the Light-O-Rama units in. Then I hit our one snag, we don't have enough extension cords. Oops. Will have to find a way to work that into the budget next week.
Show Info - 00:08:00 - Show Info
Started October 21st, we will be running a Halloween show. Click Here for more info.
Show Info - 11:29:00 - Show Info
The 2007 Christmas show is coming along, I am currently sequencing the songs for the show and I'm about half done with my list.  I will be posting the list of song for this year some time in November.  I've also finished the build out of one of the largest parts of the display, a Merry Christmas sign.  Now I just need to make my radio sign.
Show Info - 15:44:00 - Show Info
  • This year we will be running about 6,500 lights with 32 channels.
  • All the Lights running would take about 30 amps
  • There will be about 100 strings of light.
Show Info - 14:02:00 - Show Info

For 2006 we had approximately 2,500 lights in a static display.
All that will change for the Christmas 2007 display.

More info